Awards & Elections party

Each spring we celebrate the achievements of our unit members. From players with no Masterpoints to Grand Life Masters, we recognize how much time and commitment each bridge player dedicates to new accomplishments. 

Join us in May 2020 as we celebrate new life masters, Mini McKenney and Ace of Clubs winners, as well as a host of other achievements and milestones. 

Congratulations to everyone who reached a new rank, and to our new board members: Sheila Berry, Paul Lund, and Cindy Zimmerman, and thank you for your service Irene Monical (former president), JoAnn Okumura (former secretary), and Patricia Kittock (former special games & St. George coordinator). 

Thank you to everyone who ran for office, whether elected or not, and thank you to our elections committee, Kerma Jones, Judy Haynes, and Ellie Stauffer.

Special thanks to O.K. Johnson for your many years of service on this website. 

For a full list of board members and unit volunteers, please visit our Contact page.