Contact information for all board members and unit volunteers can be found in the Unit Directory. Unit members may request a directory or contact the board directly by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Board of directors

President - Deirdre Nickel

Vice-President - Melanie Peche

Secretary - Paul Lund

Treasurer - Uri Loewenstein

Hospitality Chair - Cindy Zimmerman

Special Games & St. George Coordinator - Sheila Berry

unit volunteers

Caddy Master - Paul Lund

Ethics (Disciplinary) Chair - Max Aeschbacher

District Representative - Doug Adair

Newcomer/Intermediate Coordinator - Larry Bonnette

Recorder - Jim Flesher

Tournament Coordinator - Rosalee Gardner

Webmaster & ACBL Electronic Contact Person - Deirdre Nickel

Nominating Committee Chair - 

Electronic Member Records & Membership Chair - Irene Monical

STaCs & Grass Roots Chair - Patricia Kittock

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