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What is Bridge?

Bridge is a trick-taking card game played with a partner and two opponents. It consists of an auction phase during which a trump suit is determined, and card play phase during which partnerships try to take as many tricks as possible. The game relies on logic, communication, and teamwork, and has been shown to reduce memory decline.  

How can I learn to play?

There are many books available for beginners, but bridge is easier to learn with a teacher or mentor.

Many of our clubs offer classes for new players, as do many senior centers and community education programs. 

To find out if your club offers lessons, visit our Clubs page and contact a club near you. You can also ask your local club if they have games for beginners or look for 299er or 499er games on their schedule.

Visit the ACBL (American Contract Bridge League) learn page where you'll find several resources for learning at any level or set up an account on Bridgebase.com where you can practice with AI or other human players.

What if I have Intermediate or Advanced questions about bridge?

Post your question to our unit Facebook page, visit Baron Barclay or other booksellers for books written about intermediate or advanced play, post your question on a Bridgewinners.com forum, ask a player at your club, or use the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page.

How can I find a partner?

If you want a partner for a club game, contact your club. To find a partner for a special unit event, contact any board member. To find a partner for a local tournament, contact the partnership chair. You can also try your luck by just showing up at game time, but keep in mind that not all clubs or events guarantee partners, so you may end up watching.

How can I join the American Contract Bridge League?

The ACBL organizes tournaments and events throughout North America and tracks results. To join our organization, visit https://my.acbl.org/membership/join

How many points do I need for my next rank?

To view the masterpoint chart, click here. To view your own progress, sign into your ACBL account and click the BridgeFinesse Rank-up Helper in the white column, near the top of the page.. 

How am I doing in my Mini McKenney or Ace of Clubs race?

Depending on which race you want to see, click here, and select your search parameters on the left side of the screen (unit, district, etc).

Additional Resources:

New Tricks Bridge Club YouTube Bridge Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Sz-ygCmh2bWtWSoBJGYIw



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